Custom Instruments

Raman Flow Cytometer – Custom spectral flow cytometers with green, red, or near-IR lasers for the high speed, high resolution analysis of Raman spectra from individual particles.

RFC1 dark

Fluorescence Spectral Flow Cytometer – Custom flow cytometer with violet or blue excitation for the high speed analysis of fluorescence spectra from individual particles

Canto prisms focused


Nanoparticle Flow Cytometer – Custom high sensitivity flow cytometer with blue excitation that can measure 3 colors of fluorescence from very dim nanoparticles.


SERS Image Cytometer – Custom automated imaging system for multiparameter measurement of adherent cells and slide- or microplate-based samples stained with nanoparticle SERS tags.




Commercial Instruments

FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer - Commercial bechtop flow cytometer with blue and red lasers that can measure colors of fluorescence and two angles of light scatter.


Luminex 100 Analyzer – A commercial benchtop analyzer designed for the analysis of optically encoded beads for multiplexed assays.




iCyt Reflection Cell Sorter - A commercial high speed cell sorter with violet, blue, and red lasers and the ability to measure up to 12 colors of fluorescence.

icyt reflection

Union Biometrica COPAS Plus Large Particle Sorter – A commercial large particle sorter with blue or green excitation and the ability to measure 3 colors and extinction.